31 August 2011

Mammoth Ivory Carvings [28 Pics]

Beautiful Mammoth Ivory Carvings

29 August 2011

Cold Greenland [28 Pics]

Greenland - is an island. The most enormous of all, existing in a world of islands. It is located in one part of the Arctic Ocean, the other - in the Atlantic. East coast of Greenland for almost a year, surrounded by floating ice, which brings here from the central Arctic Ocean during the cold. Not a bit of better things on the northern coast of the island - it is precipitated by ice all year round. On the part of the Southwest situation less severe - the banks are washed by the warm West Greenland Current, and ice, preventing the approach of ships to these shores, is almost there.
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26 August 2011

What actually should end walking on Alice in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland knows everything. In the original version of Lewis Carroll's Alice sees a rabbit hole, looking into it and into another world populated by fantastic creatures. But in reality...

25 August 2011

Apartment With Beautiful Interior Design [20 Pics]

Designer Max Lam himself a native of Hong Kong, the interior design of the apartment he called the "Rainbow House" Three stripes of red, yellow and green, go on the walls throughout the apartment, creating a whimsical forms. A strange idea of course the rainbow, but the Chinese know better.

23 August 2011

20 August 2011

Cool Graffiti On The Walls [Pics]

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17 August 2011

Labels on a MacBook [Pics]

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Masters of disguise in the wild [Pics]

Cool camouflage themselves from predators, these animals.
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1. In this picture we see geckos, hiding in the trunk of a tree overgrown with ivy, in the jungle of the national park on the Masoala peninsula, north-east of Madagascar.

An Interesting Wood Carving [Pics]

An Interesting Wood Carving
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A Day Made Of Glass [Video]

A Day Made Of Glass

16 August 2011

Secret Life Of The Fingers [20 Pics]

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Shadows [30 Pics]

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13 August 2011

Mind Boggling Shadow Art [21 pics]

Mind Boggling Shadow Art
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09 August 2011

25 Fascinating landscape photography

Fascinating landscape photography By Bobby Bong
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When Art Meets Cartoons [Pics]

When Art Meets Cartoons
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Awesome Ice Trays [Pics]

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08 August 2011

Love [Pics]

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The fragile beauty of Jay Strongwater [Pics]

American Jay Strongwater creates beauty: picture frames, vases, watches. They are made of precious metals and decorated with colored enamel and rhinestones from Swarovski. Boutiques Jay Strongwater known throughout the world.
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06 August 2011

Incredible Highspeed Photography [26 Pics]

 Delayed images of flying bullets and bullets that hit targets.
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Extreme Object Balancing [Pics]

Incredible showcase of extreme object balancing where gravity seems to be non-existent. They looked pretty authentic and probably took a lot of time and trial and error to set these up.

05 August 2011

Power Plants From Around The World [44 Pics]

Beautiful photos of plants from around the world.
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Obama - Fist Bump [Pics]

Obama - Fist Bump

7 Healthy Habits That Harm

British experts in the field of health and hygiene have put together seven "Deadly Sins "of modern man, committed them in ignorance. Now do not say you were not warned.
1. Shower every day, regular use of hot water with soap and shower gel prevents skin of natural oils, resulting in dryness, flaking and even infections. Most people do not need to wash every day, but if the prospect scares you skip a shower, then use even more cool water.

Dermatologist London Cranley Clinic Nick Lowe for many years struggling with ... Moidodyr! Dr.'m sure most of us have too many washes. And this seems to correct the habit of cleanliness, however, impairs the protection of our body against infections and damages the skin.

Very hot water, combined with hard soap can strip the skin of fat, which leads to dryness, cracking and even penetration of the infection. Most of us do not need to wash thoroughly every day, at least using the chemical hygiene "- said the scientist Daily Mail.

03 August 2011

02 August 2011

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