17 August 2011

Masters of disguise in the wild [Pics]

Cool camouflage themselves from predators, these animals.
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1. In this picture we see geckos, hiding in the trunk of a tree overgrown with ivy, in the jungle of the national park on the Masoala peninsula, north-east of Madagascar.


2. Spider with long legs disguised in the bark of a tree, waiting to ambush prey. Photography is also made in the national park Masoaly. 

3. This frog from tropical forest national park, Andasibe Mantadia in Madagascar. Alex Hyde said: "I never cease to be amazed by how skillfully they manage to disguise themselves. To be able to photograph an animal, it is necessary to know precisely the places where it prefers to hide in different times of day and under different conditions".

4. "Listohvosty geckos well disguised against the tree trunk. And a striking resemblance to the bark is not only a color of skin geckos, but also its texture. If they do not have the ability to hide so well, they long ago would have to catch predators, destroying the entire population".

5. The struggle for survival is becoming more severe in proportion as the jungles of Madagascar are being cut down for timber production. While the island off the coast of Africa has remained intact, it was covered by forest is approximately 90%. Now, only 7%. This frog is Platypelis Grandis. As we see, among its habitat is the thick moss.

6. Over the past half-century Madagascar has lost much of its forests. Legally protected forest land are hardly 2% of the total area of the island, and most of the jungle is still in danger. Penkohvosty Chameleon disguised among fallen leaves in the national park peninsula Masaola.

7. Most of all, Alex grabs his work in Britain, at the University of Nottingham. "Britain also has something to boast of, when it comes to the history of natural history" - says Alex. Normal fish disguised as rocky bottom of the pond on the island of Mull, Scotland.

8. Malaysian orchid mantis hiding in a flower waiting for some unlucky midge.

9. Striped geckos sits on dry palm leaves during night hunting.

10. If people from time to time peering into the grass under their feet, they'd be surprised how many living creatures to dwell there.

11. Maritime scorpion can hardly be distinguished against a background of rocky bottom off the coast of Skye, Scotland.

12. Another photo of Madagascar striped geckos, hunting at night.

13. The female praying mantis, a violinist well hidden in the background of dried leaves.

14. Moth on the trunk of a birch Derbyshire, England.
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