16 May 2011

Charity Ball - Woman in a Hat

About seven hundred women and several men in their best hats attended a charity ball, "Women in hats", whose goal was to collect 20,000 dollars for a theater company in Denver.
1) Arlene Mohler Johnson. 

2) Gayle Novak, president of the Alliance of Denver. 

3) Judy McNeil, president of the Guild Foundation Children with Diabetes in Denver.

4) Susan Keeley, founder of "Women have a goal".

5) Delors, Pardner, left, bought a hat shop "Carlotta" in Aurora.

6) Andrea Hiatt, Butterflies and flowers on her hat. 

7) Linda Burrell in the hat design by Ashro. 

8) Photographer Tommy Collier in a cylinder with feathers and other ornaments.

9) Beverly Benli (right).

10) Denise Snyder, in the foreground, wearing a hat from Mariel, from boutique on Larimer Square, where many of those who attended the ball, got a hat. 

11) Sandy Barfitt.

12) Deborah Ford, Williams, wearing a hat from Especially Yours. 

13) Lynnette Morrison is one of those who bought a hat from Mariel. 

14) Jewelry designer Kathy Marquis was in the bag, which was designed for the late writer Dawn Denzer. 

15) Lorraine Hoover.

16) Ryta Sondergard a hat in the style of Carmen Miranda. 

17) Lisa Gulvas.

18) Willie Parrish was one of the winners. 

19) Maria Smith entire life - chamomile.

20) Stephinity Salazar, left, and Tiffany Smith have created their hats, the ladies working designers.
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