16 May 2011

10 Funniest Incorrectly Translated Commercials

When it comes to advertising, is faced with the fact that impeccable English advertising slogans and brand names in other languages are often not heard. Moreover, they sometimes carry something wrong! 
1.) KFC.
When the American giant fast-food company Kentucky Fried Chicken has opened its first restaurant in Beijing in 1987, the Chinese are accidentally transferred to the famous slogan of KFC, "so tasty that Yum!" As "We'll bite off your fingers!" In Chinese.

2.) Coors.
One of the leaders of the U.S. brewing company Coors, apparently believed that their slogan, "Relax!" Would be perfectly translated into Spanish. Unfortunately, it was transferred as "Suffer from diarrhea". " In fact, perhaps not so wrong if you tried their beer.
3.) In 2006, Clairol, manufactures products for hair care, curling presented under the title Mist Stick (Grasping the fog), which are very well sold in U.S. markets. When the company introduced this product in Germany, however, it does not take into account that the name is translated literally into German as "tong from manure. Forceps in Germany were not popular, as expected.
4.) American Association of milk producers, has successfully conducted in the U.S. campaign "Got Milk?" (Have you got milk?), And they decided to continue it in Mexico. Unfortunately, the Spanish translation reads: "You are breast-feeding mother?" Don't you think it's too personal a question?
5.) Pepsi.
The slogan of Pepsi, "We suggest you return to life" has caused a thorough scare in China, where they translated it as "We will bring your ancestors back from the grave".
6.) Handkerchiefs company Puffs are quite popular in the U.S., however, in their quest for global marketing, they had to face problems due to their name. In Germany, this word means the colloquial term for a brothel. In England, it's insulting the name of gay men.
7.) Ford Motor Company introduced the subcompact Pinto in 1971. The company could not understand why they are not in demand in Brazil, until the company learned that "Pinto" is a word in Brazilian slang to refer to a very small penis.
8.) In 1977, the Braniff Airlines had ads leather chairs, they have established a first class, using the slogan "Fly in leather" (literally - "Fly in leather"), which was translated into Spanish as "Vuela en cuero", which means "Fly naked." Let's hope that they at least provide passengers with a towel to sit on it!
9.) When the famous slogan of the manufacturer of expensive pens Parker Pen "This pen does not leak in your pocket and do not put you in an awkward position" has been translated into Spanish, that was troubled by many Mexican consumers, who have understood it as: "It will not leak in your pocket and does not make you pregnant".
10.) Name Coca-Cola in China was first read as "Ke-kou-ke-la", meaning "Bite the tadpole," or at least amusing, "wax horse, depending on the dialect. The company then with difficulty picked up the phonetic equivalent of "co-kou-ko-le" which translates as "happiness in the mouth."
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