03 February 2012

The Giant Tasmanian Crayfish

In the rivers of Tasmania, home to the largest freshwater crayfish in the world - Astacopsis gouldi. In the past, this type of crayfish reached more than 80 centimeters in length and weighed more than five kilograms. Now is not such big meet, the average size of 40-60 inches in length and weighs 3.4 pounds.
They live in northern Tasmania, in a quiet tree-lined rivers and streams with a very clean, oxygenated, water, whose temperature does not drop below 18 degrees Celsius. Cancers vary in color, independent of habitat. So the color can vary from brown to greenish-blue. But there is absolutely blue and individuals. Astacopsis gouldi - centenarians. Their age can be up to 40 years! And they have a long reproductive process.
Reproductive age in males occurs at 9 years old, female - 14 years. Cancers include male "harem" of several females. Breeding of offspring occurs once every two years. Due to over-fishing in the rivers and agricultural human activities that reduce water quality in rivers, crayfish have lost some of their habitat. In the late 20th century, this kind of recognized endangered and the Australian Government passed a law banning the catching of crayfish without special permission. Violators - a fine of $ 10,000.

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