25 January 2012

Hong Kong Dong

A guy goes on a business trip to Hong Kong and decides to spend the last night having wild sex with a Geisha Girl. After returning home he notices a very weird green sore festering on his penis. So he goes to his doctor.

After hearing of his trip to Hong Kong the Doc says, “You have a bad case of Hong Kong Dong. I’m sorry to have to tell you that the only cure amputation!”

The guy is horrified and so decides to get a second opinion.
The second doc says, "I am sorry but Dr. Jones is correct. We must amputate right away."

Our hero still can’t accept this and so gets a third opinion from an oriental doctor. Dr. Wong agreed with the diagnosis of Hong Kong Dong, but says "These Western Doctors - so quick to Chop Chop Chop. Amputation not necessary."

Our hero is so relieved. Dr. Wong continues, "You wait three weeks and it fall off on its own."
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