01 July 2011

The share of smartphones on the Android platform began to fall

Market statistics of mobile electronics in the first quarter of 2011 showed that the percentage of Google's decreased slightly. Have been assessed so far only for the U.S. market, where the number of smartphones sold the operating system has decreased by almost 3%. Earlier Android-communicators occupy 52.4% of the market, now accounting for 49.5%.

Experts believe that this decline is marginal and fleeting, but such a view are not all experts. For example, Charlie Wolf , worked as an analyst in the company of Needham & Co, suggested that Google will continue to gradually lose interest in market share of mobile technology. "Our company believes that this is only the beginning, in the future, the percentage change again is not in favor of Android» - said Charlie Wolf, while interacting with the staff portal Apple Insider.

The analyst said that Google can get their positions during the period from July to September, that is, in the third quarter, but then decline will begin again. Charlie Wolf directly links the future setbacks Google and its Android mobile operating system with the upcoming release of Apple iPhone mobile phone 5, which is scheduled for September. In developing his idea, Charlie Wolf said that in a sense for what is happening in the field of responsible communicators and communications operator Verizon, whose online sales of Android-devices have declined slightly during the growth of sales of fourth-generation iPhone. The researcher believes that this fall, Sprint and T-Mobile, key competitors Verizon, will start the implementation of the iPhone 5, and Apple's share again increased at the expense of reducing the share of the next Google.

Charlie Wolf prediction applies only to the U.S. market. In his own words, Android-smartphone have very good prospects in the Asia-Pacific region, and the world at large.

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