11 July 2011

The Aircraft Of The Future

The company Airbus has shown some aircraft they are planning to launch in 2050. It would be cool.

In terms of passengers, the most notable innovations of the next decades will be no advanced engines or aerodynamic circuit, and interactive information, health and entertainment system, filling all the space cabin.

The main thing that catches your eye - a huge glass conservatory-style, cover the entire ceiling and the walls of the cabin. Transparency of these glasses can vary depending on the circumstances. So it can penetrate into the interior of the scattered sunlight, or passengers can admire the beautiful clouds at sunset or a starry sky at night.

Convertible, shift and expand to different sides of the seat to improve the usability of such trips.

According to the concept of European engineers in front of the passenger seat will hang in the air holographic displays that provide useful information and games.
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