27 June 2011

Jim Carrey and his iPhone [Pics]

The new outburst of popular actor in a campaign of his new film on the American TV show.

The other day a well-known actor-comedian Jim Carrey was made on the American television show NBC in connection with the release of new film with his participation.

Appearing on the show, the 49-year-old actor did not fail in front of the camera and the audience.

At this time Jim has engaged in his improvised speech, iPhone

It is worth noting that after his breakup with a photo model Jenny McCarthy, friends and relatives comedian noticed that he became more eccentric.

Despite the fact that Jim had his words not climb, and was much to all sorts of jokes, after breaking up with Jenny, he misses an opportunity to do something such.


It is worth noting that about serious things - such as work - Jim Carrey is still not forgotten.

Moreover, 2011 marked the release of three films with the participation of the popular comic.

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